Our flagship Harley’s store is located in beautiful Dunedin, Florida; nestled among the Main Street stores that are frequented by strolling visitors throughout the year.  There are multiple quaint locations throughout the country where we would love to open stores as soon as possible; and we are currently in the process of planning the details of those additional stores.  Do you have a location in mind, that you think would be a great fit for a Harley’s Popcorn?  Let us know!  We would love to hear about it! We are also considering offering franchise opportunities to select areas.  The founders of Harley’s have extensive backgrounds in the franchising industry, and are keen on offering a very attractive and financially feasible package for Mom & Pop or Young-Entrepreneurial folks, who are eager to own their own business; but are wise to the knowledge that having guidance along the way is a smart decision as well.  

Please feel free to reach out and contact us at any time, either by phone, email, or even a personal visit to one of our stores!